The dream starting 5 for the San Antonio Spurs 5 years from now

Victor Wembanyama
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Center: Victor Wembanyama

Lastly, and most importantly, is Spurs number one overall pick, Victor Wembanyama, who is projected to be a future superstar. If Wembanyama lives up to the considerable hype that surrounds him, then he could be the best player in the NBA in just a few years. The Spurs haven't had a top-5 player in the NBA in years, and it would certainly propel the Spurs back into title contention.

In five years' time, he will likely be the team's starting center, and that could pose matchup nightmares for the opposing team given his diverse skill set. Just imagine him crossing up an opposing big man and hitting a stepback three. Or, setting a screen and then finishing a lob with a huge dunk, or bruising defenders in the low post. It could be glorious.

Surround him with enough shooting and give him players who can get him the ball in the right spots, and he could make just about any lineup a dream lineup. Pair him with another star, and the Spurs could be virtually impossible to stop, with teams having to pick their poison.

Buzelis, Vassell, Johnson, Giannis, and Wembanyama could give the Spurs their dream lineup if all the fall in their favor over the next five years.