A dream draft night scenario appears to be very much in play for the Spurs

As the NBA draft nears, the lottery becomes harder to predict, and that may benefit the San Antonio Spurs, with a new report giving them reason to be aggressive.
Victor Wembanyama, Devin Vassell
Victor Wembanyama, Devin Vassell / Jess Rapfogel/GettyImages

As the 2024 NBA draft gets closer and closer, the top half of the draft becomes increasingly harder to predict. That could be to the San Antonio Spurs' benefit, however, with a new report giving them reason to be aggressive on draft night. According to The Ringers, Kevin O'Connor, the Portland Trail Blazers are considering taking 7'4 center Zach Edey seventh overall.

While that might not seem significant to Spurs fans, it potentially could be, especially if the Spurs pull off a trade with the Atlanta Hawks for the first overall pick. If that deal were to happen, the Spurs might potentially send them the fourth pick, give Atlanta the rights to their 2026 first back, and/or include Charlotte's lottery-protected 2025 first, which may convert into two high second-round picks.

In that scenario, the Hawks would select Zaccharie Risacher, while the Spurs would pick Donovan Clingan before completing the deal. San Antonio would still have the eighth pick, and rumors of Edey possibly going seventh overall would increase the chances of a perfect draft night scenario for the Spurs.

Can the Spurs pull off a dream draft-night scenario?

With the fifth pick, the Detroit Pistons may select Matas Buzelis, while the Charlotte Hornets may pick Ron Holland or another prospect. That would pave the way for the Spurs to pick Stephon Castle eighth, with Devin Carter being a fallback option.

Adding both Risacher and Castle would potentially give them their starting lineup of the future, with Castle, Vassell, Risacher, Jeremy Sochan, and Wembanyama. That lineup could be a terrific defensive lineup with no weak links and a lot of offensive upside, while Wembanyama and Vassell are still improving on that end.

A lot could happen between now and then, even a trade with another team moving up to acquire the third pick, leapfrogging the Spurs in the draft order. However, barring that, San Antonio could be in for a dream draft night.