Praise From Doug McDermott Has Fans Roasting Kawhi Leonard Again

San Antonio Spurs Kawhi Leonard
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Once upon a time, Kawhi Leonard insisted the San Antonio Spurs' training staff was mishandling his injury and sat out despite being cleared to play, eventually leading to a messy divorce between the two sides. Wednesday morning, a comment by current Spur Doug McDermott had some fans going back to one of their favorite hobbies: roasting Leonard online.

It's been over four years since Leonard last suited up for the Silver and Black, but his departure led to a decline and eventual rebuilding phase that came sooner than it should've. The bitterness from fans, whether you think it's warranted or not, is still very much there and probably won't be going away any time soon as a result.

The biggest bone of contention many, including myself, had with how Leonard handled his exit from the Spurs was how he (and his uncle) slandered the Spurs' medical team and front office in their handling of his injury. As a result, multiple media outlets rolled with the narrative that San Antonio made a grave mistake in how they treated their star and are to blame for the split.

Since the breakup, we've seen instances of Leonard making illegal requests while being recruited by the Lakers, getting special treatment from the Clippers, and later reportedly being unhappy with their medical staff as well.

As you'd expect, when Doug McDermott recently had high praise for San Antonio's world-class training staff, Spurs fans were quick to pounce. "McDermott calls the Spurs training staff the best he's seen in his time in the NBA," recapped Spurs Digitial Journalist Jeff Garcia on Wednesday.

Spurs Fans Come Out Firing

The klaws quickly came out from Spurs' faithful.

It's become clear to many that Kawhi Leonard always wanted to end up in Los Angeles behind a huge push from his uncle and made it happen any way he could. After all, he left Toronto after one season despite winning an NBA championship with them immediately.

It's tough to see a scenario in which the entire training staff that allowed the Big Three to thrive for so long suddenly lost their touch with Kawhi. As many fans continue to point out, it's ok to respect and be thankful for what Kawhi did for the team while he was in San Antonio while also roasting him for how it all ended.

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The LA Clippers are still awaiting Kawhi's return from a torn ACL. According to Chris Haynes, Leonard is ahead of schedule with his rehab and there's a strong possibility he'll return to the court this season.