Do any current Spurs have true value in a star trade?

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The San Antonio Spurs may have the worst record in the NBA next season thanks to the recent deconstruction of their roster. With an eye very clearly placed on the future and picking up as many draft picks as possible, it's fair to wonder if some of the incumbent stars are going to be traded away.

While the stated goal for San Antonio is to build around Keldon Johnson and a collection of role players, the Spurs are likely not going to turn down a trade offer that compensates them well in the future. One such opportunity might spring up as trade rumors surround some of the game's big names.

Stars like Donovan Mitchell and Russell Westbrook could be on the move. While Utah and Los Angeles have different goals for the upcoming season, they could use the Spurs as an avenue to move some of their assets.

The Spurs wouldn't be totally against trading away some of their talent in a three-team deal if it means they'd get some picks back. Even if that is true, would any players on San Antonio's roster appeal to teams looking to deal a star?

Do the San Antonio Spurs' stars have value?

The Spurs are building around names like Josh Primo and Devin Vassell out of a belief that they will eventually become primary scorers who can help carry an offense. While that is an admirable belief, neither of them will move the needle much in trade talks. Both of these standouts (especially Primo) are too far away from maximizing their potential.

Even Johnson might not be too appealing for a team looking to win a championship right now. While he did average 17 points per game in his age-22 season and will likely be in a similar position in 2022-23, some might question his production. Is it a result of his talent or the byproduct of getting a ton of shots up on a rebuilding team?

Jakob Poeltl might be the most tradeable asset and the one contenders are eyeing. Poeltl is fresh off a year in which it was stunning he wasn't on the All-Defensive team. Still just 26 years old with tons of potential on both sides of the ball in the windshield, Poeltl might be worth moving off, especially if Victor Wembanyama might be coming.

The Spurs have made no effort to hide the fact that the purpose of the next few years is generating enough assets to eventually become a more robust contender a few years down the line. San Antonio might look to make one more move in this volatile trade market, and fans should expect that Poeltl is the most likely name to be dealt away.

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