Disastrous ripple effect from Spurs injuries to Vassell and Sochan

The San Antonio Spurs are looking at a depressing reality after the season-ending injuries to Devin Vassell and Jeremy Sochan.

Jeremy Sochan, Devin Vassell
Jeremy Sochan, Devin Vassell / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

By now, San Antonio Spurs fans are aware of the injury designations for Devin Vassell and Jeremy Sochan. There will be no cheering for a couple of the Silver and Black's key pieces down the stretch of the NBA season. It is never a good thing when any player gets hurt. The first concern should always be for the health of the player. They put their bodies on the line for the sake of entertaining the masses. That effort should be respected and honored.

After a self-determined period of sympathy expression for the injured party, the focus shifts to the team. The Spurs had turned a corner. Even in the games they have lost, the team has significantly improved since October. With so many downs compared to the ups, many fans were looking for a moral victory in the avoidance of a franchise's worst record. The three-game win streak was a huge step towards accomplishing that but now, the task seems nearly insurmountable.

This Spurs season likely ends with a lowly pop instead of a bang

This season has felt like watching a world-renowned artist begin a massive portrait. Often, an observer would have no idea what a painter was creating in the beginning. All one would have to go on is seemingly obscure strokes and uncertain color schemes but when patience is afforded, the artist will provide a masterpiece at the end.

Well, the Spurs were on the verge of completing their piece when a couple of their best paintbrushes broke—an unsatisfactory ending to a stressful escapade.

The San Antonio Spurs supporters have immense pride in their basketball franchise; it's the reason for the infighting in the fanbase. Some want to preach patience, while others are foaming at the mouth for restored relevance. To be fair, it was all they knew for decades.

Drafting Victor Wembanyama, who has exceeded the hype, just to turn in the worst record in the history of the franchise doesn't feel right. The statement alone holds a high level of absurdity to it. Yet without Vassell and Sochan, it is likely that this statement will become a reality.