Despite respecting Spurs, Ringer's top 100 misses mark twice

Cleveland Cavaliers v San Antonio Spurs
Cleveland Cavaliers v San Antonio Spurs / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

The Ringer broke out a fresh list of their top 100 players in the NBA. Household names and the usual superstar suspects made an appearance, and three young Spurs made the final cut. While we can all appreciate San Antonio receiving the national media attention they deserve, there were still a couple of questionable decisions on this countdown.

Franchise cornerstone Victor Wembanyama came in at 67th, sandwiched between Rudy Gobert and Chris Paul. Being in the top 70 without playing a single second of regular-season action might sound nice, but the Frenchman should be even higher. People might argue all his highlights are the result of disorganized preseason basketball. Regardless, he has already pulled off half a dozen plays we have never seen before.

It is quite possible that Wembanyama will become the first rookie to earn an All-Star nod since Blake Griffin in 2011. If he can accomplish that feat while staying healthy, we are talking about a player who easily belongs inside the top 30. Even if he narrowly misses that mark, he still has an airtight case for consideration as one of the 40 best players in the league.

Devin Vassell and Keldon Johnson also found their way onto the list, ranking 85th and 81st behind players like CJ McCollum and Malcolm Brogdon. Both wings have done enough to warrant a higher placement, and most Spurs fans would probably swap them with a handful of guys ahead of them. For all the excellent production we have witnessed from Keldon, Devin should be the second-best player on the team this season.

At face value, it appears The Ringer only looked at base stats and determined Keldon was the better player. Missing several games with injury might have hurt Vassell in the rankings, but the fourth-year swingman is just as good offensively as Johnson and even better on the defensive end. Spurs fans should expect to see him much higher on this list next season.

The Silver and Black have a bright core and plenty of talent to showcase in the coming years. No one should be shocked when these young studs improve across the board this season. Spurs basketball is back in business, and the national media is starting to catch on.