Danny Green tells no lies when comparing '14 Spurs to other title teams

2014 NBA Finals - Game Five
2014 NBA Finals - Game Five / Chris Covatta/GettyImages

Danny Green has been a crucial cog for several championship contenders throughout his 14-year career in the NBA. And in a recent appearance on Run it Back on FanDuel TV, he didn't hesitate to show the Silver and Black some love when Michelle Beadle asked him which of his title teams would beat the others in a seven-game series, choosing the 2014 Spurs over the 2019 Raptors and 2020 Lakers.

It is difficult to argue with Green's statement. Not only did the Spurs have three future Hall of Famers, one of the youngest Finals MVPs in league history, and a once-in-a-lifetime head coach, but that group exemplified the beauty of team-first basketball. They dominated the NBA for two straight years and dismantled maybe the best squad LeBron James has ever been a part of.

On a team full of unselfish stars like Tim Duncan, his partners in crime, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili, and a young and explosive Kawhi Leonard, Green was instrumental in San Antonio winning their fifth championship. The versatile swingman provided much-needed three-point marksmanship and lockdown perimeter defense that helped hold Dwyane Wade in check during a lopsided five-game series.

We may never see a team as disciplined as the 2014 Spurs, especially with how offenses have exploded around the league in recent seasons. San Antonio came up short in 2013, but they used that painful failure as motivation and redeemed themselves by hosting a clinic in fundamental basketball on both ends of the court.

The one-and-done Raptors and the bubble Lakers were fantastic teams, but neither comes close to the level of beautiful basketball that the Spurs played under Gregg Popovich in 2014. Danny Green had a front-row seat to all those titles, and his testimonial about San Antonio only reconfirms their elite status in the storied history of the NBA.

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