Creating a Contending Spurs' Starting Five for 2023

Dejounte Murray, Dwight Powell
Dejounte Murray, Dwight Powell / Tim Heitman/GettyImages
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The San Antonio Spurs found their identity this season as one of the best passing teams ever spearheaded by a no-nonsense two-way superstar in Dejounte Murray. Coach Popovich has absolutely nothing left to prove, and the young core seems to be established, although the names of the draft picks the Spurs will get this summer have not been called yet.

The Spurs will not return for the 2022-23 season the exact same as they were this season. While snagging the all-time wins record, getting play-in experience, having an All-Star, and all but securing a top-10 pick should all be considered successes, there are no guarantees about who will be on the team next season. With over five months until the next season begins, we can already start to look at who the Spurs' starting five will be.

Point Guard - Dejounte Murray

With one of the easiest predictions for any team, it’s safe to say the All-Start point guard and steals leader, Dejounte Murray, will be back in the starting five for the Silver and Black. He is head and shoulders above everyone else on the team and is by far the best player on the roster. He's also the third-best player in the Southwest Division behind Ja Morant and Luka Doncic. 

Murray is one of the best triple-double getters in the league, finishing second with 13 on the season. He is the leader in steals, one of the best rebounding guards, and finished fourth in assists. Oh, and he also scored 20 a night. There is no reason for San Antonio not to keep him in the starting lineup. He is under contract, is untradable, and is a fan favorite.

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