Coach Popovich's latest move is one fans called for months ago

Recent reports inform San Antonio Spurs fans Coach Popovich's most recent change is here to stay, confusing fans who called for it a long time ago.
Gregg Popovich, Keldon Johnson
Gregg Popovich, Keldon Johnson / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

Before the Utah Jazz game two nights ago, the starting lineup report was received, and for the second game in a row, Keldon Johnson was set to come off the bench. Johnson is the longest-tenured player on the Spurs roster, and yet this news was only shocking because of the timing. Fans may not know the intimate details of a player's game as coaches do, but sometimes they get it right. The Silver and Black faithful have suggested Johnson come off the bench for months now.

Lately, Coach Pop has faced increasing criticism despite earlier defenses. Fans, from their couches, are calling out decisions the staff should have implemented earlier. While it's understandable if the staff never adopted the recommended method, when they eventually do, the delay seems unjustifiable.

Just a little late there, Coach. Despite his senior status, it is clear the Spurs want Victor Wembanyama and Devin Vassell to be the number one and two punches on this team. Experience tells us that with only one ball, having three offensive guys on the floor at one time can be difficult.

When they all need the ball to maximize their impact, making the fit more important than their presence together. The way you offset that is by bringing one off the bench, something the Spurs and their fans are familiar with. Thankfully, KJ was always willing to make this move.

The critics have been loud, but understandably so. Fans want to win. Living at the bottom of the league is uncomfortable, no matter how hard you try to look on the bright side. That saying about putting lipstick on a pig applies here. Those deafening pleas for improvement have been full of requests to trade Keldon, but that may be one they would soon regret. Selfless, productive, and overwhelmingly positive players should be on the short list of keepers, and Johnson fits that bill.