Chris Paul addresses fans for first time as a member of the Spurs

Chris Paul took to social media to greet San Antonio Spurs fans for the first time since signing with the team in free agency.
Chris Paul
Chris Paul / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

It's official: Chris Paul is the new point guard for the San Antonio Spurs. The former Warrior will enter his 20th season with a Hall of Fame resume. He's been selected to 12 all-star games, 11 All-NBA teams and nine all-defense teams. Paul is also a two-time gold medalist. To say he has experience would be a gross understatement.

There was a time when, if you told a Spurs fan that Chris Paul would be on the team one day, they would either laugh at you or scold you for the suggestion. The Silver and Black have been involved in so many battles with the Point God that it bred resentment towards Paul, but that distaste was a product of respect for his greatness. Paul has always found a way to be a thorn in San Antonio's side, but now he's joined the good guys and has a message for the fans.

Spurs fans should have high expectations with Chris Paul on the team

There has been a lot of talk about what everyone should expect from CP3, comparing the current iteration to his prime. The insinuation is that since he isn't the player he used to be, his impact won't be enough to make a difference. That is a very simple way to look at the impact he can bring to this team, in particular.

Last season, there were too many times when the offense stalled for various reasons: an inability to get a good shot, turning the ball over or falling in love with a three-point shot that wasn't falling. Chris Paul will help steady the team in times of disarray, putting the young guys in positions of strength to get good shots. When Wembanyama played with a competent point guard last season (Tre Jones), the entire team performed better.

With Paul on the team, Wemby will always have a solid floor general on the court with him. There is only one ball and the Spurs don't need Paul to take 20 shots. Those attempts should mostly be reserved for Victor and Devin Vassell. He knows that. Helping provide the team with a steady offense will be instrumental for a large jump in wins for San Antonio.