Can Spurs pull off this trade to pair Wembanyama with Scoot Henderson?

Scoot Henderson, G League Ignite
Scoot Henderson, G League Ignite / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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Would the Spurs make this deal?

This is a big swing for the Spurs to make, eroding much of their young core to take a swing at an unproven player. Devin Vassell has a great chance to becoming a star, and even if he doesn't he'll still be the perfect starting wing to pair with Victor Wembanyama. Keldon Johnson was a draft-day steal in 2019. Even Wesley has shown flashes.

The flip side of the deal is Scoot Henderson, a player who has even more ALl-Star upside than Vassell. It's within reach that Vassell becomes a multi-time All-Star; it's within reach that Henderson becomes a multi-time MVP. He does everything you would expect from a point guard prospect, and if it weren't for Wembanyama sucking up the oxygen he would be talked about among other recent No. 1 overall picks.

He also fits perfectly the Spurs' greatest need, a longtime point guard to set up Wembanyama and run the offense. He and Wembanyama could very well be running the Western Conference in a half-decade. Henderson brings less certainty than a player like Vassell who has already proven himself in the NBA, but he brings more tantalizing ceilings.

This deal keeps Jeremy Sochan to pair with Wembanyama as a defensive tandem made in heaven. It keeps Malaki Branham and Tre Jones to continue to mold into rotation pieces. And it doesn't sacrifice any of the first-round picks in the Spurs' bag, which they can use to chase a future wing to replace Vassell.

The possibility of what Henderson could bring to the Spurs is the kind of thing you go all-out to chase, and here the Spurs could gain that, reset their financial timeline even further and build their future on the shoulders of two insanely talented youngsters. That seems like a deal worth making.