Blast from the Past: 4 former Spurs they must consider reuniting with

The San Antonio Spurs have several players around the NBA playing big roles on other teams, but which Spurs alumni should the team consider bringing back?
Victor Wembanyama
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2) Derrick White

One-time Spur Derrick White was traded midway through the 2021–22 season, helping pave the way for the team to bottom out and end up drafting Wembanyama. The decision to trade White has worked out for both teams and White too.

The Spurs were able to give Devin Vassell a bigger role and he has thrived. They also got a first-round pick that became backup point guard Blake Wesley and Josh Richardson, who was later traded for four second-round picks, and a distant pick swap.

Meanwhile, for the Celtics, White has proven to be an invaluable role player who can do a little bit of everything. He helped them make the Conference Finals last season and have the best record in the NBA this season.

Although White is a valuable member of the Celtics, Boston already has four high-paid players who will each make at least $29 million going forward. That could potentially make White the odd man out when he hits free agency after next season.

The Spurs could be potential suitors for White, given his versatility as a player, but it will largely depend on where they are at that point. If they are still a lottery team by next summer, then it wouldn't make much sense to pursue him. However, if the Spurs are back in playoff contention, then signing him would make a lot more sense since he helps make good teams better. To be determined.