The birth of a superstar and 4 other Spurs revelations through 5 games

San Antonio Spurs v Phoenix Suns
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5.) Tre Jones might be the glue holding everything together

People often refer to Tre Jones as an old-school classic point guard. In the age of positionless basketball, there are few rotation players that fit that archetype. Despite being labeled as little more than a backup, Jones has shown fans he is the best guy to run a stable offense. When he is on the court, good things happen, and there is more natural flow to the team.

In practically every advanced lineup statistic, Jones has been the common denominator. Four out of five best lineups in plus-minus for the Spurs include the fourth-year point guard. The only one without him has played less than 90 seconds together. Look at the best Spurs duos, and you will find Jones and Wembanyama (+11.2) and Jones and Vassell (+7.2). Tre is a part of every top-five tandem on this team.

While Sochan remains the starting point guard, Jones has closed games at the one. His top-tier passing in the half-court is a cure for San Antonio's lackluster dribble penetration. Combine that with his developing shot from beyond the arc, and you will see how invaluable he is to this club. With how steady and consistent he is in his role, it is easy to forget Jones is still only 23 years old.

San Antonio has been making waves in the league with their brand-new schemes and exceptional young talent. Don't be shocked to see them make headlines on ESPN week after week. The length and athleticism across the roster are changing the game and allowing the team to take a fast-paced and aggressive approach. No one, not even established superstars, is safe from their two-way dominance. The future is here, and it looks bright for the Spurs.