Analyst reveals unexpected consequences of Sochan experiment for Spurs

San Antonio Spurs v Phoenix Suns
San Antonio Spurs v Phoenix Suns / Mike Christy/GettyImages

The San Antonio Spurs have struggled mightily on the offensive end with Jeremy Sochan starting at point guard, which has drawn loads of media attention. NBA analyst Dan Favale placed a spotlight on the divisive decision to continue this experiment in his latest article for Bleacher Report, looking into how letting Sochan steer the offense has resulted in unforeseen issues for Victor Wembanyama and the rest of the young roster.

Favale points out the overwhelming fan outcry for Tre Jones to start may have caught San Antonio by surprise. Their stagnant offense has caused turbulence among even their most loyal supporters, and it has prevented their franchise player from receiving efficient looks at his favorite spots. Sochan has also expressed growing frustration with his role. With that said, Favale notes that while public opinion rarely moves Gregg Popovich, the noise will only increase as losses pile up.

Leaning on Sochan has negatively affected Wembanyama, which is their most concerning problem. The starters have performed poorly, and the Spurs are on pace to have one of the worst offenses in NBA history. All of their numbers are down from a year ago, a startling sight considering San Antonio was trying to secure the top pick last season. To make matters worse, they are in the bottom three on both sides of the ball. This is not a good look for an organization that drafted the best prospect since LeBron James.

Hopefully, this experience will help Jeremy Sochan develop and reach new heights. While it is unlikely Sochan will be their long-term point guard, he can continue being a valuable secondary option thanks to being thrust into the fire. Despite the rough results up to this point, San Antonio seems committed to their version of "trusting the process." The Spurs have long been the gold standard of the NBA, and they will stick to building from within.

There is no denying San Antonio has a prestigious history, and their front office has a track record of handling their business with phenomenal care. They have set the baseline for how NBA teams should mold their rosters, and if you have faith in their approach, there is reason to believe that the Spurs will eventually find championship success.