Air Alamo Roundtable: End-of-Season Awards for the San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio Spurs v Cleveland Cavaliers
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Zach Collins, Markieff Morris, Jeremy Sochan
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'Got Some Nasty' Player of the Year: Zach Collins

Well, when it’s the Gregg Popovich tagging you as near-synonymous to “nasty,” then you gotta be real nasty. Zach Collins was that dude. There’s no other answer. - Kyle Pring

Collins listened to the I want some nasty speech before each game - Austin DuBose

Pop said it himself. Need I add anything more? What I will say, however, is that Keita deserves more love than he gets. I know that Ty (and others) has waxed poetic on Twitter about KBD’s contributions to this team over the years. Regardless, I felt that he deserved a spot on my awards ballot, and I'm sad I couldn’t give him one. - Oscar Barkis

Final Voting

Zach Collins - 60%
Jeremy Sochan - 30%
Keldon Johnson - 10%

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