Air Alamo Roundtable: End-of-Season Awards for the San Antonio Spurs

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Tre Jones
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Most Improved Player of the Year: Tre Jones

Taking over as the starting point guard for the Spurs was quite the jump for Tre Jones after averaging just under 17 minutes per game last season. He provided reliable playmaking every night - had the 8th best assist to turnover ratio in the NBA - played respectable defense and continually found ways to score even as a reliable three-point shot continues to evade him. I think the long term fit is better as the leader of the Spurs bench unit but I have no questions about Tre's ability to operate as the Spurs starting point guard after this season. - Ethan Farina

Tre Jones still needs to work on his distance shooting, but in pretty much all other aspects of his game, he’s improved in one way or another. He’s become an extremely aggressive rebounder, a smart playmaker, and a good-enough downhill scoring threat to where defenders are forced to give him some space. Metrics also continue to show that Jones is one of the better point-of-attack defenders in the league. While I don’t see him being a franchise’s long-term starting point guard, that shouldn’t take away from how much he’s improved. - Roberto Araiza

Final Voting

Tre Jones - 40%
Devin Vassell - 30%
Zach Collins - 20%
Keldon Johnson - 10%

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