Adam Silver weighs in on Popovich scolding Spurs fans

Commissioner Silver addressed Coach Gregg Popovich's Clipper's game request during an interview on Sirius Radio. But was Popovich right?
Gregg Popovich
Gregg Popovich / Jonathan Bachman/GettyImages

Gregg Popovich is the gift that keeps on giving. As an established all-time great with global experience, Coach Pop has more cache than most when he chooses to speak on virtually any topic. What that respect commands is attention, not cooperation, and the fans in the Frost Bank Center let the winningest coach in NBA history know they vehemently disagreed with his protest to their booing when Kawhi Leonard and the Clippers were in town. But the San Antonio Spurs faithful were not the only ones listening.

The NBA commissioner and Gregg Popovich have always maintained a respectful relationship, as the Spurs leader has commended Silver on numerous occasions for his stance on China and his acquiescence on rest issues. On the flip side, the NBA's magistrate has repeatedly given Pop flowers for the achievements and records he continues to break. Silver also expressed a lack of consideration of making changes to prohibit future similar occurrences.

I have not thought about passing some sort of new rule - Adam Silver

In a time where every word said by public figures is scrutinized, criticized, and quickly demonized, Popovich has remained steadfast in his resolve. There is no topic too large or too small for the longest-tenured coach in the NBA. If he has an opinion he wants to share, he will share it without hesitation. The question should not be about whether Popovich was out of line to ask fans to stop booing; the question should be about whether he was right.

It's time for Spurs fans to move on from their Kawhi Leonard emotions

While it is understandable for fans to have a sore spot when the Klaw is the subject of conversation, it has been half a decade since he departed from the Silver and Black. Booing opponents is part of the fan experience, and every paying customer deserves the right to cheer and/or jeer. Most booing comes within the flow of the game within reason, but that's not what this is. This booing of Leonard is filled with disgust, disdain, and hatred. That is what Coach Pop is referring to when he said "It's not who we are."

To be clear, Kawhi Leonard was completely out of line in his handling of the situation that led to his exit from the 210. He allowed the pristine reputation of the Spurs organization to be called into question, and that is an outrageous offense in the eyes of most fans. With that said, it is okay to let it go. Leonard was the source of one of the most fun eras of Spurs basketball in the last decade. He was a main contributor to San Antonio's fifth championship as the Finals MVP. It's time to move on.