7 Ways the new CBA will impact the Spurs' future plans

Gregg Popovich, Devin Vassell
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3: The Spurs can re-sign their first-round picks to longer contracts

The Spurs have a long track record of signing players to affordable contracts that tend to look much better in retrospect.

This rule will allow the Spurs to sign other future first-round picks to long-term deals, even if they aren't max-contract players, which could play directly into their hands. They selected three players in the first round last year, and each will be extension eligible during the 2025 offseason.

That means Jeremy Sochan, Malaki Branham, and Blake Wesley would all be eligible for five-year extensions. Of course, it's still very early in their careers, but this new provision will give the team that option if they pan out.

Considering the team has 13 additional first-round picks over the next seven drafts, this provision could be a game-changer for San Antonio. Even though it is unlikely the team uses all those picks, with consolidation being the more likely scenario, it still potentially gives the Spurs more control over their first-round selections.