7 Ways the new CBA will impact the Spurs' future plans

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6: Luxury tax teams can't buy second-round picks from the Spurs

With 15 second-rounders over the next seven drafts, there is no way the Spurs will utilize all of them. With that being the case, San Antonio probably would have looked to trade some of those picks for cash. Teams can send or receive up to $5.9M in cash considerations, and franchises such as the Golden State Warriors have spent up to $3M in exchange for an early second-round pick.

However, under the new rules of the CBA, that will no longer be the case. Teams like the Warriors, Clippers, and Lakers, who are each well over the luxury tax line, will no longer be able to use cash considerations to acquire second-round picks. Although that wouldn't directly affect the Spurs on the court, it was a way to get the team extra spending money to offset its operating costs.

While they could still trade second-round picks for cash, most big-market teams are well over the luxury tax threshold and ineligible to pay for them. Meanwhile, smaller-market organizations are less likely to trade cash for picks since they tend to build through the draft.

Spurs fans shouldn't lose sleep over this new CBA rule. Still, with salaries steadily rising, the Spurs could have used the revenue from trading their abundance of second-rounders to contenders over the next few seasons.