7 Ways the new CBA will impact the Spurs' future plans

Gregg Popovich, Devin Vassell
Gregg Popovich, Devin Vassell / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages
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7: The Spurs now have a third two-way roster spot

Ever since the league created two two-way roster spots under the last CBA, the Spurs have made good use of them. Now, under the new CBA, teams can have three two-way players. That means 18 players can be on the roster, up from 17, and the Spurs will benefit from that new rule. The team has a long history of bringing in young, unheralded players, but they weren't always able to retain and truly develop them. This change allows teams to get younger without counting against the salary cap.

That last part is especially intriguing, considering many of the Spurs' championship teams tended to be on the older side due to roster limitations. Of course, the Spurs are one of the youngest teams in the NBA now, but the new rule means they can try out more prospects. Charles Bassey started on a two-way contract, but San Antonio later signed him to a 4-year, $10M contract. More players could eventually follow suit and make the 15-man roster. It's not the biggest rule change, but it will allow the Spurs to do what they do best: identify and develop talent.