7 Stars the Spurs should wait to pursue over Trae Young

Rather than pursuing the Hawks' star, the Spurs could look at these high-level players instead.

Luka Doncic, Tre Jones, San Antonio Spurs
Luka Doncic, Tre Jones, San Antonio Spurs / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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7. Joel Embiid

We are all aware of the kind of otherworldly talent Joel Embiid possesses at this point. His antics can of course be obnoxious, but there is little doubting that he has mastered playing basketball at both ends of the floor.

Defensively, Joel has always been a savant. He defends inside and out, can move his feet well and block shots. But after winning MVP last season, it was Embiid's offense that was propelling him to another MVP-worthy season this year before injuries ultimately disqualified him. Somehow, the five-time All-NBA player found a way to get even better on the offensive end in his eighth professional season.

As you watch Embiid on offense, he is highly methodical. A quick jab step to test his defender's instincts, then a lightning-quick jumper over his head. The next time down the floor, it might be another jab step before a couple of quick dribble moves into another jumper or perhaps a well-timed pass to an open teammate.

Where necessary, Joel knows exactly how to manipulate defenders into getting called for fouls as well. For fans of opposing teams it is maddening, but there is no question he has worked hard to achieve this level of mastery of the sport. One of the only questions left surrounding Embiid is health. Will he ever be able to stay on the floor for a full season plus postseason at his peak?

It is perhaps the only reason Philadelphia would ever potentially consider a trade for him. Making a play for an oft-injured star would be a big risk for the Spurs, but the potential reward factor would obviously be monumental as well.