7 Stars the Spurs should wait to pursue over Trae Young

Rather than pursuing the Hawks' star, the Spurs could look at these high-level players instead.

Luka Doncic, Tre Jones, San Antonio Spurs
Luka Doncic, Tre Jones, San Antonio Spurs / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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4. Luka Doncic

For the last five and a half years, the Spurs and their fanbase have been tormented by the magic of Luka Doncic. His seventh career game was against San Antonio, a contest in which he dropped what was then a career-best 31 points.

On New Year's Eve in 2022, he dropped 51 points at the former AT&T Center after Head Coach Gregg Popovich made a tongue-in-cheek comment that the Spurs' goal was to hold Luka under 50 points. Doncic has surpassed his career expectations time and again, and he has certainly made the cross-state Mavericks-Spurs rivalry more fun and intense with his dazzling displays of talent.

Now I will admit that Luka is probably the biggest pipe dream on this entire list. As far as Mark Cuban and Dallas' ownership is concerned, I am sure they would rather sell their own houses than trade Doncic before he technically even enters his prime. Not to mention they would be helping their rival get better in the immediate future.

However, if the Spurs truly had their eyes on Luka and wanted to create a duo that could dominate the association for the next decade-plus, they would certainly be prepared to offer their entire treasure trove of picks plus whatever players on the roster not named Victor Wembanyama that the Mavericks wanted.

If there were even the slightest possibility of Doncic becoming available, the Spurs should be prepared to construct the biggest trade package ever assembled.