The 7 Greatest Spurs in history, ranked by Player Efficiency Rating (PER)

These players possess the highest Player Efficiency Ratings in Spurs franchise history.

David Robinson, Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs
David Robinson, Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs / PAUL BUCK/GettyImages
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1. David Robinson - 26.2

But if Duncan was not number one, there would only be one other obvious choice. Before Timmy, the original greatest player in Spurs franchise history was David Robinson. After completing his college basketball career at the United States Naval Academy, David spent two years in military service with the Navy before beginning his NBA career.

As such, he began his rookie year in the association at 24 years old, giving him a significant age and size difference from his peers. Naturally, he went to work and dominated the league from the outset, earning All-NBA and All-Defensive honors in his first season, picking up the Rookie of the Year award as well.

In total, Robinson would rack up 10 All-NBA and eight All-Defensive teams in his career, a Defensive Player of the Year award in 1991-92, as well as the 1993-94 scoring title. He was a man amongst boys during his time in the league, and his trophy case along with his PER are certainly indicative of that.

For those keeping track, Robinson being first on this list means that Tony Parker did not make it into the top seven for PER in Spurs history. While this is a bit surprising, it makes sense given that his game was generally not quite as expansive as the other players included here.