6 Teams San Antonio Spurs have dominated in recent years

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It's been a rough few years for fans of the San Antonio Spurs hoping for continued success. After over two decades of sustained excellence, the franchise has spent three seasons in limbo. On top of that, they'll likely be hitting a low point in 2023 before using all of their assets for a hopefully rapid rebuild.

Since finishing 48-34 in 2019, San Antonio has had win percentages of 45.1, 45.8, and 41.5 over the past three seasons and is widely expected to drop down to around the 30% mark in the 2022-23 season.

Of course, every franchise has to bottom out eventually, and while this has been a long time coming, the Spurs are still going to have bright spots here and there. While these streaks may not continue next season, I was curious which teams have still been falling to San Antonio on a regular basis.

To my surprise, the Spurs have still kept up some decent streaks against a few opponents even during their losing seasons. Here they are, from least to most impressive dominance over the last few years.

San Antonio Spurs
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6. New Orleans - Won 10 of last 13

The San Antonio Spurs took three of four from the New Orleans Pelicans last season after having won six of the seven previous matchups. Still, the fact that they lost the biggest game of them all, the NBA Play-In Tournament game, to New Orleans means they can't land any higher on this list.

Overall, the Spurs have won 10 of the last 13 regular season games against the Pelicans and had an average margin of victory of 9.7 points per game in their three victories last year. With the rise of Herbert Jones, who shined in the Play-In game, and other pieces like Jose Alvarado continuing to evolve, this might be a streak that'll be tough to keep up in 2023.