5 Unexpected skills Victor Wembanyama brings to the Spurs

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2. Point Center Skillset

Nikola Jokic's run to the NBA Finals proves that the Denver Nuggets "point center" system is both viable and effective. Wembanyama's frame and ballhandling ability makes him a perfect candidate for a similar style of offense. Not only can Wembanyama shoulder a score-first approach, but give him a year in Pop's system, and he'll be passing out of the post like Duncan.

Even if he's only bringing the ball up to get the Spurs into the action that Pop calls from the sidelines, he can create lots of confusion on the defensive end. It would also leave the paint wide open by forcing the opposing team's rim protector to venture beyond the arc. While they will probably use him sparingly as a lead initiator, this wrinkle in the offense could prove incredibly effective.

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