5 Just-traded players Spurs should've snagged themselves

A few players San Antonio may wish they had made a move for.
Troy Brown Jr., San Antonio Spurs
Troy Brown Jr., San Antonio Spurs / Justin Ford/GettyImages
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Patrick Beverley

In general, it made sense for the Spurs to get younger at this deadline, and try to align their roster's average age with Victor Wembanyama. The team's timeline revolves around him, and getting players that are compatible with Wemby is the top priority.

But Patrick Beverley is the rare exception of an older player that would have been beneficial to have on this team. After the Philadelphia 76ers traded him to the Bucks for Cam Payne and a second-rounder, San Antonio may wish they had made a move for the 12-year league vet.

Part of the reason he would have been a solid fit with the Spurs is just the nature of who he is as a player. Beverley is known as a fiery competitor that brings it on defense every night and frustrates opponents to no end. Combine that with his veteran leadership and he would have been a fantastic player for Victor Wembanyama to learn from.

The other biggest reason Beverley would have made sense lies in his contract. He is currently on a one-year, $3.1 million deal, and will become an unrestricted free agent this summer.

San Antonio would not have been tied down paying Pat Bev a lot of money for an extended period of time. They would have had a cheap deal for a winning player that could bring a spark to the locker room for bare minimum the last two months of the season.