5 Just-traded players Spurs should've snagged themselves

A few players San Antonio may wish they had made a move for.
Troy Brown Jr., San Antonio Spurs
Troy Brown Jr., San Antonio Spurs / Justin Ford/GettyImages
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The 2024 NBA trade deadline has officially passed, and the San Antonio Spurs will look ever so slightly different going forward. While it was understood that no major changes needed to be made right now given the win-loss record, the team made a small move for the future in dealing Doug McDermott and freeing up an additional roster spot.

But as the dust settles on trade season in the NBA and the reasoning behind certain moves becomes clearer, there will become players that stand out and other teams will begin to wish they had made a move for them. A few players may end up fitting in this category for the Spurs.

Steven Adams

Traded to the Rockets from the Memphis Grizzlies a week before the deadline, Steven Adams will now join the youngsters in Houston and bring them a guiding veteran presence. He will still be sidelined for the remainder of the current season after undergoing PCL surgery in October.

But when he returns to the court, he will show that he is the type of veteran the Spurs would have loved to have in their locker room. Right now, it appears that moving Victor Wembanyama to center was the right move, as his numbers have jumped significantly.

However, in the circumstances where it would make sense to play Victor at power forward, Adams would be the perfect center to put next to him to grab rebounds, impose his physicality on opponents and generally make life easier for Wemby. He would have been an excellent replacement for Zach Collins, who has frequently frustrated fans this season.