5 Teams that will give the Spurs the most trouble in 2023–24

Keldon Johnson
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1.) Denver Nuggets

It seems like a no-brainer that a team that won just 22 games last season wouldn't want to face the team that won the championship. However, the Spurs should be at least a dozen games better next season, though they will likely continue to struggle against the Nikola Jokic-led Denver Nuggets. Both he and Jamal Murray put up big numbers in the postseason, carving up opposing defenses in the process.

They are considered to be the game's finest pick-and-roll pairing, and while the Spurs should be much better defensively next season, they will almost certainly have trouble stopping that highly effective offensive attack. Even when they aren't running pick-and-roll, Jokic and Murray can dominate one-on-one, with Jokic a safe bet to give Collins fits and Murray giving Jones everything he can handle.

They also have Michael Porter Jr. and Aaron Gordon as talented third and fourth options who add additional scoring punch and size. The Spurs have offensive firepower too, with Keldon Johnson and Vassell combining to average 40 points per game last season and both figuring to be better in 2023–24. They also have Wembanyama, who will likely be guarded primarily by Gordon and draw plenty of double-teams.

He may not dominate the Nuggets, but he should make it easier for the Spurs to score. Still, Denver is an elite offensive team with multiple scoring threats and one of the best passers in NBA history. The Spurs will also play them four times and could struggle to stop them each time.