5 Spurs who won't last the entire 2023–24 season

Gregg Popovich
Gregg Popovich / Austin American-Statesman-USA TODAY
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2.) Cedi Osman 

Small forward Cedi Osman was acquired in a three-team trade with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat. While he might have had a chance to make the Spurs roster in another year, the team is likely to move on from him before the start of next season.

After all, with three roster spots to clear and Osman all but certain to be buried on the team's depth chart, San Antonio will look to move on from him in one way or another. Thus, packaging him in a trade in a two-for-one scenario would be the best option.

Possibly with the Spurs taking back a player who has more of a chance to contribute but has another season or two remaining on his contract. That is definitely a possibility, and San Antonio is almost guaranteed to make another trade before the start of next season, with Osman being included.

If the Spurs can't find a taker for Osman, they could always waive him after having already received an asset to take back his $6.7 million salary. Though, given his value as a reliable shooter off the bench, the team should be able to find a taker for Osman.

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