5 Spurs who won't last the entire 2023–24 season

Gregg Popovich
Gregg Popovich / Austin American-Statesman-USA TODAY
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5.) Reggie Bullock

Recently acquired winger Reggie Bullock could make for a valuable addition to the Spurs next season. Despite that, he is unlikely to finish next year with the team. After all, he is on an affordable 1-year expiring contract, making it easy for a contender to trade for him. The Spurs could even potentially move Bullock before the start of the season to carve out playing time for younger players. However, I expect them to wait until around the trade deadline to deal with him.

That way, they could benefit from his shooting and defense while also giving him the chance to raise his trade value. There is also a chance that the Spurs exceed expectations and Bullock plays a larger-than-expected role, which might complicate the plan to trade him.

But given that he is set to become an unrestricted free agent next summer and the team's recent track record of moving vets for picks, Bullock playing in a jersey other than silver and black by the end of next season seems high. With most potential playoff teams short on tradeable first-round picks, the Spurs should look to add to their second-round pick collection, unless they are willing to take back salary beyond next season.

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