5 Spurs who are on the clock after the arrival of Victor Wembanyama

Keldon Johnson, Tre Jones
Keldon Johnson, Tre Jones / Nic Antaya/GettyImages
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#1: Tre Jones

With a recent report stating that the Spurs plan to bring back starting point guard Tre Jones, he has a lot to prove next season. While he has not officially re-signed with the team, they failed to find an upgrade in the NBA draft, and there are limited point guard options in free agency that make sense for the Spurs. That bodes well for Jones, and his being a restricted free agent this summer bodes well for the Spurs, giving the team the right of first refusal.

That all but ensures that he returns next season, if the team wants him back. Assuming that he does return, he will be the projected starting point guard and will be responsible for getting Wembanyama the ball in the right spots. Based on the play-making ability that he has shown thus far in his career, that shouldn't be a problem, though he may still be a stopgap option at point guard for the Spurs.

Although he is a capable playmaker who seldom turns the ball over, he has a limited ceiling due to his lack of three-point shooting. Last season, he shot just 28% from three on a decent number of attempts, failing to convince skeptics that he is anything more than a good backup point guard and game manager. Of course, he can prove them wrong next season by giving Wembanyama easy baskets, knocking down open threes, and playing pesky defense. Two of those things are certainly possible, but he will need to do all three to solidify his spot on the team.


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