5 Spurs who are on the clock after the arrival of Victor Wembanyama

Keldon Johnson, Tre Jones
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#2: Devin Vassell

Despite appearing in just 31 games this past season, Spurs guard Devin Vassell showed a lot of improvement. Vassell displayed much more shot creation and proved that he could knock down a high percentage of his threes on a high volume of attempts. That development could lead to him signing a big contract extension this summer, likely worth at least $20 million a year over four or, potentially, five seasons thanks to the new collective bargaining agreement.

That could allow San Antonio to lock up one of their best players for up to six seasons, including the final year of his rookie contract, a potentially attractive option given the expected salary cap jump that's coming after next season.

Assuming that he agrees to a deal worth more than Johnson's $74 million extension, that will soon make him the highest-paid player on the roster but arguably the third-best player. That may be a technicality with Wemby on a rookie-scale contract, which will only pay him around $45 million over his first four seasons.

But if they commit to Vassell for the long term, they will need him to continue to improve to ensure that San Antonio has enough talent around their best player. If he doesn't, then Vassell is still a very good player, but not good enough to be the second or third option on a championship team.

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