5 Spurs who are on the clock after the arrival of Victor Wembanyama

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#3: Zach Collins

After missing significant time during his first four seasons in Portland, Zach Collins signed a three-year deal with the Spurs. Since then, Collins has more than rebuilt his value, making him an asset. At the moment, it appears that Collins will start at center next season, beside Wembanyama, and he has a chance to capitalize on the opportunity.

Last season, he showed that he can both score in the post, knock down open threes, and pass, making him a good offensive fit at center for the team. On the defensive end, Wembanyana's presence and the combined length and size of the Spurs' projected starting lineup should help Collins during a contract year.

He is set to become an unrestricted free agent after next season and has already earned himself a big pay raise after making around $7.5 million annually since joining the Spurs. However, he can solidify himself as a starting-caliber center and get paid like one too. After all, Collins is only 26 years old, young enough to be a part of the Spurs or perhaps another team's future. If the Spurs were to re-sign Jakob Poeltl, then it could be the latter, but if they don't, then the 2023–24 season will be crucial for Collins' future with the team.

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