5 Spurs who are on the clock after the arrival of Victor Wembanyama

Keldon Johnson, Tre Jones
Keldon Johnson, Tre Jones / Nic Antaya/GettyImages
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#4: Keldon Johnson

Despite leading the Spurs in scoring last season, Keldon Johnson will still have a lot to prove going forward. He averaged an impressive 22 points and 5 rebounds per game, but his inconsistent three-point shooting held him back. Next season, he'll have to prove that he is indeed a 20-point per game scorer in the NBA and not just on a bad team, can be a consistent shooter, and can be the team's second option beside Wembanyama.

It's possible—likely even—that he can put those concerns to bed next season, but if he can't, then the Spurs may re-examine their options at small forward. Johnson will start his new cheap four-year, $74 million extension this season, and even if he doesn't live up to expectations, he could still be a valuable trade asset. The Spurs are also fairly deep on the wing, meaning that he could be expendable if Branham continues to play well.

They also have a ton of first-round picks, including as many as three firsts in next year's NBA draft, which the team could use to find a future starting point guard as well as a future starting small forward. To his credit, he has gotten better each season he's been in the NBA, and there is little reason to believe that he won't continue that trend.

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