5 Spurs most likely to be traded before the deadline

With the NBA trade deadline approaching, there are several Spurs that could be moved.
Keldon Johnson, San Antonio Spurs
Keldon Johnson, San Antonio Spurs / Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports
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5. Tre Jones

The final name on our list may shock some, but Tre Jones should absolutely be considered a top trade candidate for the Spurs at this deadline. He has now officially been San Antonio's starting point guard for around a month since the 'point Sochan' experiment was officially put to rest.

But the fact that he has been in the starting lineup does not guarantee him a spot on this team going forward. Yes, Victor Wembanyama's numbers have improved since Tre became a starter due to his basketball IQ and ability to find his teammates. But the reality is that while he has his moments, Jones is not a starting caliber point guard in this league.

That is not a diss to Tre or his basketball ability in any way. It is a simple acknowledgement that if the Spurs are seeking to become a championship contender, they will need to employ a different starting point guard when things are all said and done. Jones is not quick enough, athletic enough, or a good enough shooter to be this team's long-term option at point.

Tre still has an additional year left on his contract. There would appear to be a solid chance at least one team would be willing to take him on for a season and a half before considering re-signing him.