5 Spurs who undoubtedly need to be traded or released before next season

The San Antonio Spurs have a lot of work to do following the conclusion of a bad regular season and these five names should be on the move.
Keldon Johnson
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1. Zach Collins

This season began full of ideas. Ideas that all made sense then. Run Jeremy Sochan at point, play Victor Wembanyama at power forward and start him alongside Zach Collins. There would be size all over the court for defensive purposes and the two-big lineup should cause problems with their versatile offensive repertoires since Collins had been working on his three-ball.

The season evolved with none of those things panning out. The pairing of Collins and Wembanyama clogged up the court, especially with Sochan and Keldon on the floor simultaneously. The Gonzaga center couldn't make his shots from distance early and everything looks so sloppy that Coach Pop had to move him to the bench and now you're forced to reevaluate your decision to extend Collins.

Yes, he picked up his play significantly in the second half of the season but not enough to stick him back in the starting lineup. Especially since Wembanyama thrived as the lone big man on the court. The added space did wonders for the rookie.

Collins has two years left on his deal since he reached an extension with San Antonio in 2023 but that extension was made based on the idea that the twin tower lineup would work. It does not make sense to pay Zach $16–18 million per year to come off the bench for 22 minutes a night.

Again, the Spurs came into this season with higher hopes for their win total. This cataclysmic failure demands change on the roster and moving on from these five players would be a step in the right direction.