5 Reasons the Spurs will be title contenders sooner than you might think

San Antonio Spurs v Phoenix Suns
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After four straight seasons of missing the playoffs, Spurs fans are finally thrilled about the future that awaits their favorite franchise. Selecting Victor Wembanyama with the number one overall pick of the 2023 NBA Draft was the first piece of the puzzle in constructing a competitive team, and San Antonio has all the weapons they need to become title contenders sooner than you might think.

1. The Wembanyama Effect

Landing a once-in-a-lifetime superstar to lead a talented youn core has altered the trajectory of the Spurs. This astounding luck has accelerated any methodical process for rebuilding Gregg Popovich had planned, and it makes it easier to assemble a roster that is ready to compete for the playoffs as soon as possible. Whenever you have players this hungry to win a ring, there's always a chance that they could leave for another franchise if you can't help them reach that goal.

The Wembanyama effect makes the Spurs a more notable team, not only for sponsorships and TV deals, but for big-name free agents who might be willing to sign with small-market San Antonio for the chance to share the court with the French phenom and fight for a title. The 7-foot-3 forward will not only command the attention of the Spurs faithful and casual fans from around the league, but he will motivate the front office to create a competitive group that can climb back to the top of the NBA.

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