5 Reasons the Spurs landing Victor Wembanyama is only the beginning

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2. Spurs can continue filling out their roster with first-round picks

Fans will undoubtedly view Victor Wembanyama as the crown jewel of the Spurs' draft picks over the next few years, but he shouldn't be the only star San Antonio picks up through the draft. Through several trades, they've accumulated quite the war chest of first-round picks they can cash in over the coming years.

Here's a breakdown of the Spurs' future first-round picks through 2029. We noted protections and swaps where applicable.

Draft Year

Pick Options


1st (Own), 1st (via TOR, 1-6 protected), 1st (via CHA, 1-14 protected)


1st (Own), 1st (via ATL), 1st (via CHI, top-10 protected)


1st (Own), 1st (via ATL, pick swap)


1st (Own), 1st (via ATL)


1st (Own), 1st (via BOS, pick swap)


1st (Own)

Add in a smattering of second-rounders over that span, and the Spurs have 28 draft picks coming their way through 2029. That's a treasure trove that only Oklahoma City can match, and it gives San Antonio near-unrivaled draft flexibility.

The Spurs have already solved the most challenging problem any NBA team can face. They have their franchise cornerstone in Victor Wembanyama. The next step is using their deep reservoir of picks to shape the roster around him.

I'll eat some crow here - it wasn't long ago that I was lampooning Brian Wright for what I perceived to be an egregious lack of trade activity. But to Wright's credit, he's done an excellent job assembling a collection of picks he can now deploy to build around Wembanyama. Surprise, surprise, the roster-building professional knew more than your local blog boy.