5 Reasons landing Wembanyama ensures Spurs aren’t leaving San Antonio anytime soon

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A somewhat disconcerting conversation pops up every once in a while on Spurs Twitter, and that is whether the Spurs might move to a different city at some point. Air Alamo’s Ty Jager did his best to quell those concerns back in April, but the recent results of the 2023 NBA Draft Lottery all but confirm the team isn’t going anywhere.

Landing Victor Wembanyama (maybe more well known as the greatest prospect since LEBRON JAMES) would be a monumental occasion for any franchise, but it means even more for the Spurs franchise, it's loyal fanbase, and the city of San Antonio. 

First, as Wemby recently confirmed, there is a link between France and the Spurs. Second, as a team that built their dynasty on the backs of two historically great big men, getting to draft yet another one who will hopefully usher in a new era of extended success is pretty dang cool.

Most importantly, Victor wearing Silver and Black increases San Antonio’s market value one hundred times over. Similar to how LeBron James joining and leaving Cleveland multiple times drastically impacted the value of the Cavaliers ($476 million in 2010 before he left for Miami to $355 million in 2011, and back up to $915 million following his homecoming in 2015).

As Tom Petrini mentions in the above tweet, “[the Spurs] have a product they can now sell from anywhere to the whole world.” And that means Spurs have every reason to stay put in San Antonio for the foreseeable future.