5 Reasons Gregg Popovich is the perfect coach for Victor Wembanyama

Gregg Popovich
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#4: Popovich created load management

Depending on who you ask, Popovich's decision to start load-managing his players is either seen as incredibly smart or as ruining basketball. Most Spurs fans would probably choose the former. After all, he helped prolong the careers of Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili, though he did start a trend that has gotten out of hand.

Still, Popovich's commitment to keeping his players healthy should only help Wembanyama in the NBA. Every Spurs fan has likely thought about the worst-case scenario involving their new 7'4 potential superstar. Both Ralph Sampson and Yao Ming, each of whom had their promising careers end early as a byproduct of their height, come to mind.

Fortunately, Wembanyama appears well aware of this potential risk and has already been working to minimize the risk of injury as much as he possibly can. Even then, Popovich will likely be careful with him as he starts his career. I wouldn't expect him to play more than 70 games or average much more than 30 minutes per game during his rookie year. Adjusting to playing 82 games in 6 months is hard enough, especially for someone his size, with wear and tear being a concern.

Fortunately, Popovich is an expert at navigating the long season and making sure that his players remain healthy, particularly now that he is entering his 28th year as head coach. That is something a far less experienced coach wouldn't know how to do or even be willing to do without the job security that Popovich has.

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