5 Players the Spurs should pursue with Team USA ties to Pop

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2. Klay Thompson finds a new home in San Antonio

This is definitely one of the more out there proposals on this list but if the Golden State Warriors and Klay Thompson come to a financial impass next summer the San Antonio Spurs should look at bringing him in.

The Warriors should have long-term concerns about the viability of their roster. They did bring Draymond Green back on a new 4-year, $100 million dollar deal this summer that could set the starting point for their negotiations with Thompson. But Klay's currently slated to make $43 million this season, dropping down to $25M a year - as much as that is - is a pretty steep step down from his current rate.

If I had to guess, I would bet on Klay taking a pay cut to stay in San Francisco. He's made almost $223 million over the past 12 seasons and seems to love where he's at right now. While stepping down to making $25 million after making north of $40 million in the prior season might seem outlandish to most of us, for someone in Klay's position it might be worth it to stay where he's happy.

But, on the off chance that Klay wants to secure one last massive deal or try something new before he hangs it up the Spurs should jump at the chance to bring him in.

Klay looked like he lost a step last season but he was still productive. He averaged 21.9 points per game, 4 rebounds, and 2 assists per game while shooting 44% from the floor and 41% from deep. Even if the peak physicality isn't there like it used to be Klay can still shoot it.

Pairing a player with his gravitational pull with a force like Wembanyama could create all sorts of problems for opposing defenses. The Spurs could force teams to keep an eye on constantly doubling Victor while also using Klay as an off-ball threat to open the floor to give Vic room to work. The results could be deadly.

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