5 Players the Spurs should pursue with Team USA ties to Pop

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3. A potential reunion with Spurs alum Derrick White

The Team USA connections are really an afterthought here. There's so much more that goes into Derrick White and Gregg Popovich's relationship than their connection via Team USA. Nevertheless, a potential reunion with the former San Antonio Spurs guard with certainly be a heartwarming and poetic turn of events. And it's not as outlandish as you might think.

By all accounts, the Boston Celtics are thrilled with having White on their roster. Their confidence in his abilities made them comfortable enough to trade Marcus Smart this summer and head coach Joe Mazzulla has already come out and named White the starter.

That's the right move for Boston and great news for White. But I worry that the Celtics might be unable to afford White in a few years. They made Jaylen Brown the richest player in NBA history this summer and will soon have to give Jayson Tatum a similar deal. Add in a potential extension for Kristaps Porzingis and Malcolm Brogdon and the Celtics will have decisions to make.

If they're either unwilling or unable to give White the contract he thinks he deserves when it comes time to have those talks, the Spurs should take a long hard look at bringing White back to where he began his career.

If the Spurs still have a hole at point guard when White is scheduled to hit free agency in 2025 he should be their first call. Poetic reunions aside he's a great point guard who makes every winning play you ask for. This is a reunion that every NBA consumer - Spurs fan or not - should be rooting for.

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