5 Players the Spurs should pursue with Team USA ties to Pop

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4. San Antonio plucks Jerami Grant from the Blazers

The other side of the coin is that if Damian Lillard ends up being traded to another team and Portland embraces a full-scale rebuild, the Blazers might not be quite as attached to Jerami Grant as they are today. That could open the door for San Antonio to bring the versatile forward and member of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic team to San Antonio.

The Blazers did just sign Grant to a 5-year, $160 million dollar deal this summer but if they trade Lillard to Miami for Tyler Hero, a few rookies, and some future first-round picks, they might not be as inclined to keep the 28-year-old Grant on the roster. If that's the case, San Antonio should certainly be interested in acquiring him.

Grant has grown a lot since his time in Philadelphia and Oklahoma City and this most recent season was one of his best yet. The 6'8 forward averaged 20 points a game on 40 percent shooting from behind the arc and was one of the Blazers' best defenders.

Looking ahead to his potential fit on the Spurs, Grant would add even more floor spacing to San Antonio's offense while providing rangy defense alongside Wembanyama on the other end. It definitely sounds good in theory but we wouldn't even be able to see this potential trade come to life until well into the season due to the NBA's rules about trading players who were recently signed.

Of the two potential Blazers, I really think Grant poses the better long-term fit in San Antonio. He's younger, on a better contract, and there aren't any concerns about his mindset. This is the Portland player the Spurs should be targeting.

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