5 NBA Draft prospects that could help Spurs' abysmal shooting

These are some players San Antonio could target to up their lackluster shooting this summer.

Rob Dillingham
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Dalton Knecht

One of the top scorers in NCAA basketball this season, Dalton Knecht is Tennessee's leading scorer and has been rising up draft boards with his polished all-around play. A senior and former junior college player, he is another example of a someone who has played himself into a potential NBA opportunity with patience and steady improvement.

When it comes to shooting prowess, Knecht is among the elites in this draft class. He leads the Volunteers in three-point percentage among every rostered player who has appeared in at least two games with 41.4% accuracy.

Offensively, he carries a large load for the team that currently sits atop the Southeastern Conference standings. Dalton puts up an impressive 20.8 points per evening, while no one else on his team averages more than 12.1 points. On Wednesday night, he erupted for a season-high tying 39 points and five made three-pointers in a win over 11th-ranked Auburn.

It is clear that Knecht will be able to make an impact in the NBA with his skillset. A strong scorer and accurate shooter will absolutely find a place in a league defined by pace and space. The only question is whether the Spurs will be willing to take a chance on him with their first-round pick, since the lottery is likely the only place Dalton will be available in this draft.