5 Most important national TV games for Wemby and Spurs on their 2023-24 schedule

Victor Wembanyama
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Spurs @ Knicks: November 8th on ESPN

Wembanyama hasn't been stateside for long, so there are still some things he must get used to. The aggressive nature of the New York media is a perfect experience for him to understand how ruthless sports journalism can be. It can lead to a circus that some players find uncomfortable. Considering all the hype surrounding him, you can expect an excessive amount of reporters to flock to his first game in the The Big Apple.

The media is overwhelming in New York, but the fanbase in another beast. The Knicks faithful create a rabid atmosphere inside Madison Square Garden. But that also leads to an opportunity for the French teenager. The Garden has a history of appreciating stars, and some of the greatest players in the NBA have made New York their second home, putting forth some of their most spectacular performances in front of a routinely sold-out arena.

Spurs vs. Hornets: January 12th on ESPN

The NBA will be about halfway through the season when we reach this game, and most teams usually have a solid grasp on who they are, which rotations work, and how they want to attack the opposition. That makes this a great time for Victor Wembanyama and Brandon Miller to go in front of the class for show and tell between the first two picks of the draft. Both players will be settled into their new clubs, leaving fans with an electric battle that could help decide who wins Rookie of the Year.

The last time Wemby and Miller went head-to-head was at Las Vegas Summer League. Miller ended that game with a better stat line. There are several reasons Victor fell short of his classmate, and his whirlwind summer should be taken into account. Players that strive for greatness move on from bad performances quickly, and the disrespectful questioning of whether the Spurs should have selected Wemby will do nothing but drive him to dominate this matchup.