5 Free agents Spurs should monitor to improve porous defense

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3. Ayo Dosunmu

An exciting young talent for the Chicago Bulls, Ayo Dosunmu is one of the better second-round draft picks in the NBA in recent memory. His explosive athleticism helps fuel his well-rounded game.

Dosunmu has looked like a seasoned veteran more than a rookie for much of his first two years in the league. His sharp instincts and quick thinking have made him extremely valuable and helped him earn big minutes in Chicago from day one.

Defensively, Ayo is a menace. He is an excellent point-of-attack defender and plays passing lanes very well. When he gets beat, he can recover quickly and make the correct switch or block a shot from behind. His promising potential should make him appealing to the San Antonio Spurs.

A restricted free agent this offseason, Dosunmu could receive a qualifying offer of $5.2 million from the Bulls, with hopes he can get a more lucrative offer from another team. Ayo could fit nicely with the Spurs' bench for the right price. If San Antonio ends up moving off Tre Jones, he should be one of their first choices in free agency.