5 Free Agent targets that would fit perfectly with Wembanyama on the Spurs

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Brook Lopez
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1. Brook Lopez

First and foremost, I'm well aware of how unlikely this is. There is a snowball's chance in hell that the San Antonio Spurs are going to sign Brook Lopez this summer. But that chance is never an absolute zero, so let me make my case.

The Milwaukee Bucks have some critical decisions to make this offseason. Khris Middleton needs to be re-signed, as does Brook, Giannis is up for an extension, and the team needs to find a new head coach. And while bringing Lopez back after his incredible season is undoubtedly a priority it wouldn't be surprising to find out Milwaukee has some hesitations about signing the 35-year-old to a three-year deal that would keep him as a core part of their title hopes until he's pushing 40.

If Lopez doesn't end up back in Milwaukee - and that's probably how this is going to shake out - the Spurs need to make the call. He would make the perfect mentor for a young Victor Wembanyama. I don't care how much it costs, the fit between the two is pristine and the knowledge that Lopez could pass along to Wemby would be more than worth the price of the contract.

From an on-court perspective, Lopez and Wembanyama are a match made in heaven. Both of them can stretch the floor as reliable three-point shooters, and it's fair to assume that both will be near the top of the league in blocks, shots contested, and deflections when we reach the end of next season. Having two switchable seven-footers like that would instantly transform a Spurs team that was lacking in both rim protection and three-point shooting.

Off the court, there is so much that Lopez could teach Wembanyama. Over his 15-year career, he's seen everything the NBA has to offer. He's been an All-Star, a role player, been on bad teams, won a championship, and contended for Defensive Player of the Year. He's also spent the last five years playing alongside Giannis, a player Wembenyama should absolutely be looking at as a blueprint of how to develop and dominate the NBA.

It's almost certainly not going to happen, but maybe putting this out into the universe will help just a little bit. Spurs fans should be over the moon if San Antonio somehow pairs Brook Lopez with Victor Wembanyama next season.

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