5 Free Agent targets that would fit perfectly with Wembanyama on the Spurs

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Cameron Johnson
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2. Cameron Johnson

The blueprint of the ideal free agent signing for San Antonio is a young wing who can provide some much-needed three-point shooting while also helping improve the Spurs' horrendous defense. That sounds a heck of a lot like Cameron Johnson.

Johnson would bring everything the Spurs need to San Antonio. His brightest contribution on offense is his exceptional three-point shooting. Throughout his career, he has shot 40% from beyond the arc. And during his time with Phoenix this season, he nailed an outstanding 46% of his long-range attempts before being traded to the Nets.

Given Wembanyama's dominant presence in the post, Gregg Popovich should have no trouble scheming up off-ball actions that create open opportunities for Johnson. And with Wembanyama's budding passing abilities and unobstructed court vision, finding Johnson on kickout passes for effortless three-pointers should become a staple of the Spurs' offense.

On the defensive end, Johnson is a smart and rangy defender. He doesn't rack up steals or blocks, but he's switchable between wings and forwards, holds his own against players outside his weight class, and always seems to be in the right position at the right time.

He has an innate sense of what the offense wants to do and positions himself to disrupt it better than most players in the league. When paired with Devin Vassell, Jeremy Sochan, and Wemby, he could help round out the rotation of what could turn into a competent defense for San Antonio.

Finally, Johnson is only 26 years old and doesn't immediately step on the toes of any of the other important Spurs. His game is malleable enough to complement any style of play, he fits a position of need, his age aligns with the Spurs' timeline, and his best basketball is still ahead of him. He's exactly the kind of free agent San Antonio should pair with Wembanyama or any other draft pick.