5 Best-fit free agents the Spurs could target in 2024

After drafting Victor Wembanyama, the San Antonio Spurs should be looking to fill out the roster around the Frenchman.

2023 NBA Summer League - Washington Wizards v San Antonio Spurs
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5. Jonas Valanciunas

The prospect of adding veteran big man Jonas Valanciunas is an interesting one. It's tough to imagine that the San Antonio Spurs would do so, unless things go sour with Zach Collins -- a young center who has quietly been solid for San Antonio.

What his role will be as Wembanyama joins the rotation has yet to be seen, but Collins could wind up wanting to play ball elsewhere if he feels underutilized.

In that case, enter Valanciunas. The 30-year-old center has been nothing if not solid over the past five seasons. He's averaged a double-double in each campaign within that window.

The big Lithuanian's contract with the New Orleans Pelicans will come to close at the end of the 2023-2024 season, allowing him to hit the open market next offseason. It's unclear if he'd have any interest in being in the shadow of Wembanyama, especially after being so productive in recent years. But, it's not unfathomable that he'd take on a mentorship role as the Spurs' top pick continues to grow.

In theory, the two could start alongside one another. Wembanyama could slide to the power forward slot if the Spurs want to roll out a gigantic lineup. The presence of a stronger Valanciunas could serve as protection for the pencil-like prospect and allow him to avoid getting into physical battles on the glass.

Realistically, San Antonio would probably have to open up the checkbook to acquire Valanciunas' services. He'll be 31 next summer, so something along the lines of a three year deal worth $60-70 million would make sense. It's just a question of whether or not the Spurs want to burn money on a big man when they've got Wemby.