5 Best-fit free agents the Spurs could target in 2024

After drafting Victor Wembanyama, the San Antonio Spurs should be looking to fill out the roster around the Frenchman.

2023 NBA Summer League - Washington Wizards v San Antonio Spurs
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3. Nicolas Batum

When it comes to franchise-level talents, NBA organizations tend to do what they can in order to keep them happy. In the case of Victor Wembanyama, that could mean signing fellow Frenchman Nicolas Batum.

Batum has taken on a smaller role with the Los Angeles Clippers over the past three seasons, playing only 24.5 minutes per game. By the time he's an unrestricted free agent next summer, he'll be 35 years old. At the point, who knows what kind of minutes he'd be able to give the Spurs?

Since taking on a lesser-role with L.A., Batum's efficiency has skyrocketed. He's been able to knock down 39.8% of his attempts from distance, compared to the 34.8% he made during his stint with the Charlotte Hornets. The improvement suggests that the aging wing has grown comfortable taking on less responsibility and can still contribute as a role player.

If the Spurs were to scoop him up, then they'd likely be able to use him in that way. When building around a talent like Wembanyma, it's important to ensure that there's plenty of shooting all around. Batum would be a great fit in that sense, on top of already having that French connection with the young star.

The best part of the whole hypothetical move is that Batum would likely cost San Antonio next-to-nothing. A 35-year-old vet can only garner so much cash in the open market.